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BoMill recruits new CFO

12 April 2021


BoMill AB (”BoMill”) has recruited Per Heander as new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Per Heander has over two decades of experience from the venture capital segment. He will join BoMill as CFO on May 6, 2021.

Notice to Annual General Meeting in BoMill AB (publ)

6 April 2021


The shareholders of BoMill AB (publ), 556556-4332, are hereby invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 6[th], 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Annual General Meeting, with the support of temporary legal rules, will be conducted by advance vote only (postal vote). No Annual General Meeting with the opportunity to attend in person or by proxy will take place. Information on the resolutions passed by the Annual General Meeting will be published on May 6[th], 2021 as soon as the outcome of the advance voting has been finally compiled.

BoMill Year-End Report, January – December 2020

19 March 2021


BoMill AB (”BoMill” or the “Company”) hereby publishes the Year-End Report for the period January 1 – December 31, 2020. The Year-End Report is available as an attached file to this release and on BoMill’s website. Below is a summary of the report.

Communiqué from the Extraordinary General Meeting of BoMill AB (publ)

27 January 2021


In accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal, the Extraordinary General Meeting in BoMill AB (publ) on January 27, 2021 resolved on a directed issue of 330,000 warrants, whereupon the company’s share capital may be increased by maximum SEK 330,000.

BoMill initiates field testing of updated sorting technology

26 January 2021

Non regulatory

BoMill AB (”BoMill” or the “Company”) announces that the Company has signed an agreement with Lilla Harrie Valskvarn AB (“Lilla Harrie”) to test the Company’s updated sorting technology, which is based on the TriQ model. As previously communicated, BoMill is developing the next generation of the TriQ model, a process that is now entering its final phase. The development agreement with Lilla Harrie will enable BoMill to evaluate the updated model in a suitable environment, with access to logistics, relevant infrastructure and grains. BoMill will cover the costs involved and will not receive any revenue from the field test.


Notice of extraordinary general shareholders' meeting in BoMill AB (publ)

23 December 2020


The shareholders of BoMill AB (publ), org. no. 556556-4332 (“BoMill”) are hereby summoned to the extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday January 27, 2021.

BoMill enters development agreement with a global player in the food industry

4 December 2020

Non regulatory

BoMill AB (”BoMill” or the “Company”) announces that the Company has entered into a development agreement with a prominent multinational company in the food industry, with its headquarters in the US. The partner, a multi-billion dollar company, has a strong market position in grain products. The purpose of the collaboration is to evaluate how BoMill's patented grain sorting technology can be used in broader applications related to sorting of various grains based on protein content. The agreement, like other similar development projects that are part of the Company's daily operations, is in line with BoMill´s customer focused approach to identify new market opportunities.  

BoMill effektiviserar sin marknadskommunikation och använder engelska som huvudsakligt språk

25 November 2020


BoMill AB (“BoMill” eller “Bolaget”) meddelar att Bolaget valt att effektivisera sin marknadskommunikation och framöver endast kommer att tillhandahålla pressmeddelanden och delårsrapporter på engelska. BoMills årsredovisningar kommer att publiceras på både svenska och engelska.

BoMill AB is streamlining its market communication with English as primary language

25 November 2020


BoMill AB (“BoMill” or “the Company”) announces that the Company has chosen to streamline its market communication and will only provide press releases and interim reports in English. BoMill’s annual reports will be published in both Swedish and English. 

Q3 DELÅRSRAPPORT 1/7 – 30/9 2020

30 October 2020


Bolagets utveckling under

det tredje kvartalet (Q3) – 2020 


Med ”Bolaget” eller ”BoMill” avses BoMill AB med organisationsnummer 556556-4332.

Omsättning och resultat under tredje kvartalet 2020                                                                                                                 

· Nettoomsättningen uppgick under det tredje kvartalet till KSEK 0 (KSEK 3 952).  
· Resultatet efter finansiella poster uppgick till KSEK -4 725 (KSEK -2 548). Resultatet för
tredje kvartalet belastades av noteringsrelaterade kostnader av engångskaraktär uppgående
till KSEK 700.
· Resultat per aktie uppgick till -0,68 SEK (-218,85 SEK).
· Kassaflödet under det tredje kvartalet uppgick till KSEK -4 624 (KSEK -7 587).

Omsättning och resultat under årets första 9 månader 2020                                                                                         

· Nettoomsättningen under årets första 9 månader uppgick till KSEK 53 (KSEK 6 109).  
· Resultatet efter finansiella poster uppgick till KSEK -15 358 (KSEK -17 177). Resultatet för
årets första 9 månader belastades av noteringsrelaterade kostnader av engångskaraktär uppgående till KSEK 1 050.
· Resultat per aktie, efter nyemission och split, uppgick till -2,22 SEK (-1 498,61 SEK)
· Soliditeten, beräknad som det egna kapitalets andel av balansomslutningen,
uppgick till 44,4% (26,8%).
· Kassaflödet under årets första 9 månader uppgick till KSEK 3 904 (KSEK -1 735)
· Likvida medel i bolaget uppgick per den 30 september 2020 KSEK 8 123 (KSEK 9 402).

Väsentliga händelser under tredje kvartalet                                                                                         

· Andreas Jeppsson tillträdde som VD från den 1 september.
· Den 24 september avslutades en övertecknad nyemission uppgående till MSEK 30 före emissionskostnader. Denna kapitaltillförsel ingår inte i bolagets likvida medel per den 30 september 2020.

Väsentliga händelser efter periodens utgång                                                                                         

· Emissionslikviden om MSEK 30 före emissionskostnader tillgodofördes bolaget den 12 oktober 2020.
· Bolaget noterades den 20 oktober 2020 på Nasdaq First North Growth Market.
”Noteringen på Nasdaq First North Growth Market ger oss ökade möjligheter att fortsätta vår tekniska utveckling parallellt med att vi får resurser att nå ut på fler marknader”. 
Andreas Jeppsson, VD BoMil
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