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Grain is a gift. Why waste a single kernel of it?

Grain doesn't get the appreciation it deserves, at least not from a commercial perspective. BoMill's solutions has the potential to disrupt the whole grain industry.

Knowing the mean value of a load of grain used to be good enough. But BoMill single kernel assessment changes everything.

What if you could sort kernels, individually, based on their inner properties and quality?

You would then be able get a homogeneous product allowing a more efficient production and a better quality of the finished product, regardless of whether you produce beer, pasta or any other grain based product.

Our Vision and Mission

This is how BoMill was born, with the vision to become the world leading provider and partner for grain quality sorting solutions, based on the composition and structure of each individual kernel. 

The company has grown with the mission to improve Food Safety by removal of mycotoxins from a grain lot and improve Food Security by sorting according to quality parameters such as vitreousness or protein content.

BoMill's head office is located in the town of Malmö, Sweden, only 15 minutes from Copenhagen airport.

With a long tradition of innovation and engineering, and a strong international team, we sell quality sorting technology and know-how throughout Europe and North America, using our own sales organization or agents/distributors. 

The company is listed and publicly traded on NASDAQ - First North Growth Market since 2020.

Today, the business determines the value of a load of grains on a measure of a few representative samples. Sampling is a legacy system that has been fine for as long as there has been no better way to improve it. But now we can. That’s why BoMill’s solution will revolutionize the grain industry and challenge the status quo.