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Service & support

From exploring opportunities for your business, to maintaining and upgrading your sorting equipment, we are here to support you the whole way.


Our aim is to deliver, our clients, advanced solutions that create sustainable value to their grain business. It all starts with us understanding your unique needs and exploring together the new opportunities offered to you with our solutions.

You want to assess the quality variation and potential in upgrading your grain using BoMill technology? We can support you with a pre-study.


Easy and quick installation

With the support of our experienced partners we liaise with you from the installation setup and planning to the startup of your fully operational grain sorting facility 

Unlike traditional sorting equipment, BoMill InSight's modular design allows installation in two steps:

  1. The frame can first be delivered and connected to utilities and grains lines.
  2. The sorting units are then fitted to the frame during commissioning.

This makes the setup simpler and faster, in particular for an already existing grain processing plant.

More about BoMill InSight


Your profit is directly related to the performance and reliability of your equipment.

Our solutions are designed with robustness and easy maintenance in mind. Each sorting unit of BoMill InSight works independently from the others and can be replaced quickly for maintenance. 

Troubleshooting, spare parts, maintenance, upgrade - our team and partners are committed to support you in maximizing your equipment uptime and ensuring its capacity suits your needs.

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Training tailored to your needs

You have new personel or simply want a refresher for your team? We can provide training sessions for both individual or group where you learn more how to exploit the potential of your grain and operate our equipment.

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