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BoMill brings benefits in every area of the grain value chain

Malt houses

BoMill solutions enables malt houses to process more homogenous batches of barley or wheat, allowing them to optimize their malting process and improve the quality of their malt. It brings also benefits to the brewing industry.

Flour mills

By sorting all individual kernels in a batch of grains based on protein content, BoMill InSightâ„¢ enables flour mills to optimize their wheat supply, getting the maximum value out of homegrown crops while targeting specific baking qualities.


Environmental conditions change year-by-year and affect the growth conditions of grain. BoMill solutions helps removing fusarium infected kernels or extracting high quality grains in order to get maximum value from harvest.

Organic farming

Organic grain carries a higher value for producers and processors. However, organic grain tends to be less resistant to fusarium and have a reduced protein content compared to conventional crop. Bomill solutions help optimizing organic grain quality.


 Each individual kernel has different properties and behaves differently.The BoMill solutions increase quality and homogeneity enabling producers to get maximum value out of their seed production.


BoMill solutions allow producers to take advantage of the natural variability of their production, offset environmental downgrading factors and secure the value of harvest.

semolina mills

Environmental conditions affect the growth conditions of durum wheat and thereby the quality and quantity available.BoMill solutions enables both food security, food safety and premium food production by separating all individual kernels  into different quality fractions to suit different processing and marketing needs, thus optimizing the resources.


By removing fusarium infected kernels from grain lots, BoMill solutions lower cost of feed production and increase feed safety and grain quality.