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BoMill’s ground-breaking grain detection system has been granted patent protection in major territories

28 September 2021, 11:15 CET

As a response to an increasing demand for precision grain sorting at high speed, Swedish agritech company BoMill AB is developing a new ground-breaking grain detection system. This system has the potential to revolutionize the grain sorting industry globally, making it smarter and more sustainable. The multichannel spectrometer has now been granted patent rights in China and an intention to grant in Japan and has previously been registered in Sweden and the US.


BoMill’s equipment offers a unique sorting technology, based on an individual assessment of the kernels’ inner properties. The new detector now granted patent rights in China, is a multichannel spectrometer that will take grain sorting to a new level. With its increased accuracy, high sorting precision and high speed, this detector is perfect for grain sorting applications requiring enhanced accuracy combined with high volume throughput.

The patent has previously been registered in Sweden and the US.

  • We have just begun to explore what this extraordinary detector can do in our system, and we are convinced it will set new standards of specifications for the grain sorting industry. This detector boosts our plan to introduce a smart, and truly sustainable, solution to the industry.  Simply, we make it possible to make use of every single kernel, saving our natural resources and creating a more sustainable future, says Andreas Jeppsson, CEO of BoMill.

Refining detection and increasing capacity have been two important goals for BoMill’s development. With its new high-capacity equipment set for launch in 2022, and now the expansion of its patents for the detector system, BoMill has proven that it can push the boundaries of the grain industry’s standards – creating a smarter and more sustainable grain sorting process.

BoMill has a structured patent strategy in place, continuously filing patent applications in markets around the globe in order to develop a strong market position and competitive advantage. Currently, BoMill has about 40 registered patents strategically spread out across the world as well as 20 pending patents. 


For more information about BoMill, please contact:

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BoMill has developed and is marketing a patented technology for sorting grain on a commercial scale, based on the internal qualities of each kernel. The method is the only one of its kind on the market today and is estimated to have the potential to become a Golden Standard within the industry. The Company operates in several markets and has sold sorting equipment to a number of reputable companies in the grain industry.

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