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BoMill prolongs the subscription period of warrants of series B 2021-2024

15 August 2021, 21:32 CET

The Board of Directors of BoMill AB (”BoMill”) has decided to extend the period for subscription and payment of the warrants of which was resolved upon in connection with the Annual General Meeting on the May 6, 2021. The Board of Directors has decided to prolong the subscription period to August 30, 2021, to enable persons discharging managerial responsibilities the opportunity to subscribe for warrants.


On the Annual General Meeting in BoMill on May 6, 2021, it was resolved on a directed issue of 200,000 warrants of series B. The warrants entitle rights for the managing director, other executives, and other employees to subscribe for new shares in the company. Subscription for the warrants shall be made on a subscription note not later than August 16, 2021. Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share in BoMill, to a subscription price corresponding to 300 % of the volume weighted market value of the share the ten trading days from and including August 2, 2021, to and including August 13, 2021, in accordance with the Black & Scholes formula. Subscription for shares shall be made through payment in cash to BoMill not later than on August 26, 2024.

BoMill is publishing its half-year report for the period January – June 2021 on August 27, 2021, and persons discharging managerial responsibilities cannot invest in BoMill for a period of 30 days prior to the publication of an interim report. The Board of Directors finds that it is in the interest of both the Company and its shareholders to ensure that the persons that are part of the incentive program are given the opportunity to subscribe for warrants. The Board of Directors has therefore decided to prolong the subscription period to August 30, 2021.

For more information about BoMill, please contact:

Andreas Jeppsson, CEO

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Certified Adviser: Svensk Kapitalmarknadsgranskning AB

Phone: +46 70 755 95 51


BoMill has developed and is marketing a patented technology for sorting grain on a commercial scale, based on the internal qualities of each kernel. The method is the only one of its kind on the market today and is estimated to have the potential to become a Golden Standard within the industry. The Company operates in several markets and has sold sorting equipment to a number of reputable companies in the grain industry. For more information about BoMill, please visit