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Improve your seed quality by sorting all kernels individually

Seed producers want to produce high quality seed at low cost. High quality seed sets a certain reputation and market value for a producer. Seed quality is determined by multiple factors such as germination rate and seed vigor.

Furthermore, both environmental conditions and agriculture policies can have a serious impact on the seed quality. Presence of vomitoxin render seed unsuitable for seeding as this practice help spreading the fusarium fungi to new fields. Restrictive use of fertilizers in certain areas lower the protein level of seed.

TriQ – sort individual kernels and increase your seed quality

The BoMill solution improves the value of seed by separating all individual kernels in a grain lot into three quality fractions:

  1. Premium – kernels with highest germination, highest protein and best vigor
  2. Quality – kernels with high germination rate, high protein and good vigor
  3. Variable – kernels with lowest germination rate, low protein and highest cost of treatment

Separation of all individual kernels into three qualities and enable seed producers to take advantage of the natural variability of seed and get maximum value out of their production.

The seed producer could further improve the quality of seed by separating away kernels susceptible to diseases before releasing it to the market. One will also avoid seed treatment on kernels unexpected to germ and thereby reduce cost.

A seed cleaner can offer value-added services by helping a producer to remove unwanted vomitoxin from the seed – while improving the germination rate and vigor.



Value proposition

The value for you to use BoMill TriQ in seed production can be estimated by sorting a sample of your grain using a lab sorter. Ask us or your local BoMill partner for a test sort.