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Optimize organic grain quality and improve profits

Organic grain carries a higher value for the producer. However, organic wheat tends to be less resistant to fusarium and have a reduced protein content compared to conventional crop. Fortunately, there is an easy way to optimize organic grain quality.

TriQ – A simple way to optimize organic grain quality

The BoMill solution address the fusarium and protein issues and enable improved profits for the organic business by separating all individual kernels in the grain lot into three quality fractions:

  1. Premium – kernels with highest protein and gluten content for premium organic bread flour or elite seed
  2. Quality – kernels with high protein and gluten content for organic bread flour
  3. Variable – kernels with lowest protein and gluten content for organic feed or cookie flour

Separation of all individual kernels into three qualities enable organic producers to take advantage of the natural variability in grain and get maximum value out of the harvest.

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Value proposition

The value for you to use BoMill TriQ at your farm or corporation can be estimated by sorting a sample of your grain in a lab sorter. Ask us or your local BoMill partner for a test sort.