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why bomill

BoMill ensures every grain of wheat, durum wheat and barley gets used in the way best suited to its characteristics. That’s how we add value to your grain.

BoMill makes every grain count

Each and every kernel have different properties and behaves differently in your business.

The greater the quality variation, in a batch of grain, the more difficult it is to predict the quality of your final product.

Having uniform grain in your process, whether you want to sort on:

  • Protein
  • Fusarium
  • Vitreoussnes

will improve your product quality and profitability.

Accurate sorting means new business opportunities

No matter where you are in the grain value chain, now you can use the sorted uniform quality fractions produced by BoMill's solutions, in the best and most efficient way, to increase the value of your products. This could be supplying premium quality grade to grain processors, producing high quality malt, developping the best flour with optimal baking characteristics, or marketing top quality organic pasta products, etc.

Since you are able to sort out the premium quality grain with the highest performance and quality factors you now have the possibility to develop and bring new products to the market which supports your business and brand recognition.

Unique detection of fusarium infected kernels creates more potential for upgrade

Traditional sorting methods are not accurate enough to be able to save as much grain from disposal. By assessing each individual kernel's  inner properties, BoMill's solutions allow an accurate segregation of grain batches to remove only the infected kernels to be discarded and produce fractions of grains (food and feed grades) that can be marketed at a higher value.

This means that we are not only supporting sustainability goals on optimizing the use of our common resources. We also provide you with an attractive return on investment by adding more value to your grain.

the benefits of bringing homogeneity

remove fusarium

control protein content


Detect fusarium infected kernels

Predict the protein content of individual kernels

Detect non-vitreous kernels