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Manage your grain quality variation – kernel by kernel

BoMill offers a high precision sorting technology which makes it possible to analyse and identify, according to internal properties, each kernel in a batch of grains and sort them into more homogenous quality fractions.

Our technology uses near-infrared light in transmittance mode to analyze and identify each kernel in a batch of grain and sort it into pre-determined homogenous quality fractions. Every grain in the entire load gets sorted accurately—regardless of the size of the load. And it does it quickly, at industrial scale capacity, processing up to 25,000 kernels per second.

Studies show that the difference between the kernels on one plant, are often bigger than the quality variation within an entire field.

Today, the business determines the value of a load of grains on a measure of a few representative samples. Yet, sampling is still a legacy system in the business.

We believe spot checking samples of full truckloads is imprecise and wasteful. That’s why BoMill’s solutions will revolutionize the grain industry and challenge the status quo of the business.

Ultimately, BoMill ensures every grain gets used in the way best suited to its characteristics. That’s how we add value to your grain.

Depending on how you use or work with grain, BoMill will support you to: 

  • Optimize your transformation process through homogenous raw material
  • Save high value grain from being mixed in lower standard lots
  • Increase overall value of your grain
  • Design more food and beverage products with specific quality considerations
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors through innovative products and sustainable approach
  • Reach new market that others cannot access, through tighter specifications
  • Improve management of your quality control and price-setting
  • Save money on tonnage that would otherwise be disposed of, or downgraded due to partial fusarium infestation
  • Increase your sustainability profile by reducing food waste and supporting food security - Every viable grain used in the function it is best suited to