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Reasons to choose BoMill

With the “ease of use” BoMill sorting solution you can manage your grain quality variation and develop your business

Grain quality

Manage your grain quality variation – kernel by kernel

Each and every kernel have different properties and behaves differently in your business.

The greater the variation in the quality you have in a lot of grain, the more difficult it is to predict the quality of your product.

Having uniform grain in your process, whether you want to sort on
• Protein,
• Fusarium
• Vitreoussnes
• Falling number
• Seed quality

will improve your product quality and profitability

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Develop your business

By sorting with our solution, the TriQ, you are now able to develop your business.

Now you can use the sorted uniform qualities, Premium – Quality – Variable, in the best and most efficient way to bring out the most value to your products. This could be producing high quality feed, the best flour with optimal baking characteristics, quality organic products etc.

Since you are able to sort out the Premium quality grain with the highest performance and quality factors you now have the possibility to develop and bring new products to the market which supports your business and brand recognition.

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Easy to use

Ease of use

Implementing a BoMill solution is easy and when it comes to the operation it is really simple.

The TriQ will sort you grain without the need for adjusting any settings in the software independently of its:

  • Origin – Country and area
  • What harvest year
  • Type of grain

This means that you do not have to put time and effort into calibrate the TriQ between the different running sessions. Simply select the application you want to run and set the limit for how much should go out in each fraction. Add the functionality in the software of the TriQ, Trac™ and Trac+™, and you are talking about real Uptime.

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